Photography: Joshua Neal Clack

Nadya Monfrinoli makes site-responsive installations and other ephemeral works that are interactive in their relationship to the viewer. She is interested in different ways of engaging with people through collaborative working and in how to make the viewer’s presence central to her work.

She has a socially-engaged practice with extensive experience of devising and delivering collaborative and participatory projects. She is interested in making work and exhibiting it where people are, in the public realm, and in making art accessible. With a specialism in ephemeral sculpture and installation, Nadya collaborates a great deal with a wide range of professionals and community groups across disciplines including theatre, fashion and public art.

She is co-founder of Lumo Workshop, an artist-led community arts organisation. Visit www.lumoworkshop.com for further information, including her Arts Mark offer and recent community projects.

Nadya Monfrinoli
Photography: Joshua Neal Clack