Continuity - 2019 - present

‘Continuity’ is a collaborative project between Nadya Monfrinoli, Robin Williamson and the audience. It consists of a large scale and site-specific conductive tape drawing applied directly onto the surfaces of the exhibition space. This creates an open circuit connected at one end to a battery-powered etching or drawing machine designed and built by Williamson. The circuit can only be completed when audience members join together to bridge the gap, setting off the machine and creating a lasting record of the encounter through a drawing or an etching. Every version of this work is made according to the circumstances of it’s exhibition.

Continuity was first exhibited at the Collection Museum, Lincoln in May 2019 before being developed for Frequency Festival at Gallery At St Martin’s, Lincoln in October 2019 and In Dialogue at Déda in Derby in November 2019. While further exhibitions in Wakefield and Leicester in 2020 have been postponed, the collaboration is ongoing.

Photography: Robin Williamson and Nadya Monfrinoli